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Before joining TLM, I couldn't really catch up with a lot of the content being taught in school. Joining TLM allowed me to understand all the concepts much better, and I could clarify the misconceptions I had easily. On top of that, TLM’s library of past year papers and common questions enabled me to practise a lot more on science papers towards the N Levels. I was able to fine tune my answers with their guidance which helped me to answer my N Level questions with accuracy.

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before my o’s, my amath and chemistry results were always below C5, multiple times even dropping to F9. after attending the learning modulus for only a few months, my results had improved immensely, and my amath and chemistry results shot up to A1 and B3 !!

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Xavier Lee
Punggol Sec

When I first joined The Learning Modulus in primary 5 for mathematics tuition, I found it difficult to grasp and understand the techniques used to answer many questions. However through the guidance of my tutors throughout the years up till secondary school, where they made sure that their explanation was clear and that every doubt of mine was answered I was able to improve significantly from an E in primary school to an A1 in O levels.

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CHIJ St Joseph's Convent

Before joining TLM, it was difficult to cope with lessons in school for chemistry. My test scores indicated as much! I felt that I was too late in joining a tutorial to catch up. But since I joined TLM, I found myself motivated and improving steadily!

It's the atmosphere and their teaching style that clicked with me.

Thanks to the patience and dedication of the teachers in TLM, I can proudly say that I managed to get an A1 at O levels for my science.

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CHIJ St Joseph's Convent

Struggling with Chemistry since S3, I knew something needed to change when I scored 4% for my WA3. I had attended other tuitions but I just could not grasp the fundamental concepts. TLM was my last hope, and their effective, personalised teaching taught me to love this subject and finally understand both basic and advanced concepts along with answering techniques with ease. Ms Audrey and Mr Ryn’s dedication to ensuring every student in their class was succeeding at their own pace helped me overcome the overwhelming dread of failing this subject and pushed me to achieve an A1 for O’Levels.



Before I joined TLM, I was always barely passing my Math exams in school. After joining TLM, my Math grades took a leap and I improved tremendously. Thanks to the guidance of the approachable, patient, and committed tutors at TLM, I could grasp the concepts of each topic well. They would take the time to supplement us with notes and practices to complete. They go the extra mile to summarise the content of all the Math formulas for us before our examination day. Thanks to their guidance, I started scoring distinctions for Math in school and got A1 for my N levels exam!

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Tampines Meridian JC

TLM helped me to improve my grades tremendously for chemistry. Thanks to my patient tutor, Ryn, I managed to jump from a D grade from my J1 end of year exam to an A in Alevels! TLM provided me with useful resources that improved my grasp in chemistry. I am very grateful for the constant support from TLM!

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St Andrew's Secondary

I joined TLM for tutoring in mathematics when I was in P5, and for chemistry just a few months away from my O Levels. Before I began tuition for these subjects, my results for both of them were generally unsatisfactory. However, after a few short months of tutoring, my results improved significantly. Under the guidance of my tutor, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of all concepts in both mathematics and chemistry. Thanks to my lessons in TLM, I was able to obtain consistently good results even in my O Levels examinations, with chemistry, elementary mathematics, and additional mathematics scoring A1s.



Before being introduced to TLM, I found it hard to understand math topics and always ended up failing my tests. However, with the great help of the patient and knowledgeable teachers from TLM who never gave up on me, I could find myself understanding and improving every lesson. TLM equipped us with lesson materials which were relevant and helpful and the teachers will always make sure we understand everything before moving on. Thanks to the teachers from TLM,  I saw tremendous improvement and even attained an A2 during N levels.

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CHIJ St Theresa

Before I joined TLM, I was struggling with understanding my mathematical concepts. However, I am able to fully get the hang of my mathematical concepts and I now have much more confidence when it comes to solving problems involving Math.  am immensely grateful to have Audrey as my tutor as she is very dedicated, hardworking and patient. Thanks to her comprehensive and effective way of teaching, I've successfully been able to master Math and my results have significantly improved under her guidance. 


Miko Lee

Edgefield Secondary School 

TLM has helped me a lot in my Math and Science. My tutors always make sure I understand and have enough practice for each chapter before moving on. My tutors stay up late till to answer my questions the night before my exams. Through the years in TLM, my grades shot from F9s to A1s. 


Qian Tong 

Yu Ying Secondary School 

Before I joined TLM, I disliked Math and Science because I did badly in primary school. After knowing the teachers in TLM, I started to gain interest in Math and Science because all the teachers here are very dedicated and motivating. Whenever I encounter a problem, they will always be there for me and motivate me to do better for the next exam. Teacher Audrey will also spare her free time to help me with my work, she is very patient with me. I am grateful for the teachers in TLM. 


Gabriel Loo

St Andrews' Secondary

TLM has helped me to better understand Math. I lived overseas for 10 years and was not taught in the Singapore system. I had zero understanding of Singapore Math and scored 20% in Sec1 MYE. However, after attending classes at TLM, I managed to go from an F9 in my mid years' to an A1 in my end of years' and have scored distinctions consistently. 

Thank you TLM for helping me! 


Li Jia En

Yu Ying Secondary

I have greatly benefitted from my enrolment at TLM. My tutor in TLM is a very dedicated teacher. She is always going the extra mile to help me achieve better grades, especially during exam periods where she will spend extra time to make sure that I am well prepared for my papers. I really enjoy attending her lessons and have improved tremendously in my understanding and results since I joined TLM. 

Mrs Li, Jia En and Jia Jun's Mummy 

Trainer Audrey is a very dedicated tutor, both my children have been taught by her from Upper Primary and Lower Secondary till now in their Upper Secondary. Their results have shown significant improvement since they started with her.  

Chong Yin Tein.webp

Chong Yin Tein

Chung Cheng High

My tutor at TLM is a professional tutor with lots of experience.

She has helped me in my studies and the effort she has put in are reflected in the good results of her students.

Mrs Chong, Yin Tein's Mummy 

The Learning Modulus has been effective in increasing my child's interest in his studies. With a motivational based teaching approach, it has aid in his self-confidence and curiosity for the subjects. He made a number of friends from other schools which made him look forward to going for classes as well. Im heartened to see my child showing great interest in his studies as he continually strives for self-improvement. I believe the environment at Learning modulus has played a part in that! 


Rui Hong  

Edgefield Secondary

Before I joined TLM, my science grade was always F9. Joining TLM was the best investment I did for my upcoming O Levels exam. TLM was able to simplify the concepts of each topic which allowed me to easily understand and remember them.

Thanks to that, I managed to jump from F9 to A1 for my O Levels Science within a short period of 6 months! 

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Tan Kok Kiong

Compassvale Secondary School

My tutor at TLM motivated me to pursue better results and to challenge myself. Classes here are always fun-loving and inspirational. I improved from C6 to A1 for O Levels in both Additional Math and Science. 


Tan Hong Kai

Nan Chiau High School

From the start of secondary school, my Math was always a borderline pass or fail. When I reached secondary 3, I took up A Math and couldn't cope with having two Math subjects. My brother then recommended me

to The Learning Modulus.

Ever since then, my Math greatly improved and I managed to score distinctions for both Maths at O Levels. 

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Paya Lebar Methodist 

Girls' School

Under Audrey's guidance in the past year, my Biology grade improved from F9 to B4 at prelims and finally I scored A1 for Science at O Levels. I am super thankful for the constant guidance and support Audrey has shown me in the past year. The practice and notes given are comprehensive and guided me through my learning. 

(P.S. her 其中一个 fave student)


Tan Yuan Yu

Paya Lebar Methodist 

Girls' School

Prior to joining this tuition, I was struggling with Biology and had some misconceptions. This tuition has effectively helped me in mastering concepts well through comprehensive notes and useful resources. My tutor is very patient and dedicated to teaching. She was willing to clarify my doubts on WhatsApp and would always guide me through the appropriate way of phrasing my answers. I am thankful for her faith in me which ultimately led me to score a distinction in the subject I never thought possible. All in all, I would definitely recommend attending tuition here!

B3 O Levels


St Gabriel's Secondary School

I joined The Learning Modulus with only 3 months left to O Levels and without a strong foundation in Chemistry. I am very thankful to have teacher Audrey coach me. The methods of answering various challenging questions being taught by her were very effective. It certainly put me in good stead, as after a short period of time, I was able to answer questions with ease and score in the exams. A caring and dedicated teacher, she endeavours to emphasise the importance of understanding key concepts rather than through mere memorisation. Overall I had a great learning experience!

Adeline, Keith's Mummy

It was really God's blessing to have found Teacher Audrey to be my son's Chemistry tutor. He was doing Combined Science for O Levels and we received news that his previous tutor was ill and could not continue to tutor him. It was only 3 months away from O Levels. Through a friend, I got to know about The Learning Modulus. Her daughter had improved tremendously (in both studies and attitude) and I decided to try it out. I was contemplating between The Learning Modulus and another center which is rather renowned with many testimonies of distinctions in Science but I decided to follow my heart and sent my boy to The Learning Modulus. I was looking for a committed teacher who can guide my child not only in his studies but in having a positive attitude towards learning which I think Teacher Audrey fits the bill. To look back, it was kind of a blessing that the previous tutor resigned. Keith had a change in attitude towards Chemistry, made effort to study the subject and became confident in it. As a parent, I do not just want As for my children but I believe attitude is the key to success.  

It is easy to find A* tutors, but to find a tutor who can help to transform not only result but attitude, is hard to come by. 

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Melody Goh

Paya Lebar Methodist 

Girls' School

I had never passed Biology and under the tutelage of Audrey, I improved from F9 to B4 in Prelims and scored A2 for Science at O Levels. Audrey has been a really patient and encouraging teacher. She explains the Biology concepts very thoroughly and her method of teaching is effective and efficient. Im beyond grateful for the constant guidance and encouragement!


Tan Jun Yu

Compassvale Secondary School

I joined tuition the year I took my N Levels and went on to take O Levels. Throughout my two years with TLM, I improved steadily for my A Math under the guidance of my tutor. Whenever I had doubts about A Math, she was able to explain to me the different concepts. I'm grateful for the help that The Learning Modulus has provided me and hope it would help others in similar situations. I achieved A2 for both my N Level A Math and O Level A Math. 


Lim Bo Liang

North Vista Secondary 


The Learning Modulus is a place where the rigorous effort put in by the tutors gives us the assurance that we are in good hands. While preparing for our O Levels, we had intensive sessions that motivated me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I was inspired to put in hard work myself and to achieve my goals. I was pleasantly surprised by the distinctions I achieved at O Levels! 



Compassvale Secondary School

The Learning Modulus goes beyond your typical learning center. The coaches are professional and would go out of their way to aid students who may need additional help. Especially during exam periods when coaches would stay late to make sure we understood the topics. Carefully crafted notes based on commonly made mistakes are also given to aid students in tackling more challenging questions. At the end of my O Level journey, I attained distinctions for all my subjects.

B3 O Levels


Hougang Secondary School

I'm really very grateful for the guidance and patience extended to me at The Learning Modulus. I never really had confidence in my Science. However, this all changed after Audrey patiently guided and taught me the topics which I were weak in, helping me to achieve a Science grade I would never have expected! Im really very grateful to have a teacher like Audrey. 


Alex Chua

Compassvale Secondary School

TLM has helped me to understand concepts in Chemistry and the importance of using keywords in my answers for O Levels. Ideas and key concepts were presented in interesting manners that I still remember today! 


Tan Kok Hwee 

Compassvale Secondary School

The Learning Modulus has helped me a lot in terms of understanding and applying what was taught in school.

Before joining tuition here, I felt really lost during Math and Science lessons. However, after joining TLM, I was able to solve challenging Math and Science questions and eventually scored an A1 for O level in both subjects.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 5.09_edited.png


Compassvale Secondary School

The Learning Modulus helped a lot in my A Math. My tutor had put in  a lot of effort to teach me. Just before my Mid Years exam in Sec 5, I joined tuition with single digit results and zero knowledge on A Math. Even though my results were terrible, she did not give up on me and continued to do practices with me and helped me to understand concepts repeatedly. 


Compassvale Secondary School

The Learning Modulus helped to pull my A Math from a single digit to B4 at O Levels. She taught me the necessary skills and methods to solve questions over a short period of time. She also made sure that we understood each topic well before moving on.  


North Vista Secondary School

Leonard Teo 

Before I joined TLM, I was struggling with my studies as I had just joined secondary 1. It was a completely different environment and I had difficulties with my studies. 

My tutor at TLM was extremely dedicated to helping me with my studies and made time to tutor me and my tuition mates before the examinations. This really helped me with my Math and Science and my grades shot up from C5s to A1s. 


North Vista Secondary School

Kodey Chin  

TLM helped me to understand Math and Science questions and taught me how to answer them in a structured manner. My tutor at TLM has helped me to get better in my Math and Science over a course of half a year and my grades have improved a lot; scoring distinctions consistently. Thank you TLM for helping me improve!


Edgefield Secondary 


I was the first to go to TLM among my group of friends. It was good and learning was enjoyable. I then introduced other friends who all managed to get distinctions for their O Levels Science too. TLM allows us to understand Science concepts easily which helped me to achieve distinction for Science! 


Greendale Secondary 


I would like to thank my tutors Audrey, Andrew, Jason and John for putting in so much time and effort in helping us improve- from giving us extended periods of lesson time and getting us to go for lessons more often during exam periods. The lessons were indeed very helpful and practical. This tuition definitely helped me to gain a strong foundation over important concepts. Once again, thank you for all the hardwork! 


Chen Xi

Edgefield Secondary

When I first joined TLM, I was only expecting to get a B after scoring Cs all the while. However, through the tutors' patience and teaching, not only did I manage to improve, I managed to obtain an A2 for my combined sciences at O Levels. Thank you TLM! 



Edgefield Secondary

I had always been struggling with my Science before joining TLM, scoring E8 at my exams.. However, with the help of the tutors in TLM, I had better understanding of all the topics I was unclear of. With that, I managed to achieve an A2 in my O Level. 

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