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Elementary Mathematics  (Wednesdays at 6.30pm)

Additional Mathematics  (Fridays at 5.30pm)

Pure/Combined Biology  (Sundays at 5pm)

Pure/Combined Physics  (Tuesdays at 7pm)

Pure/Combined Chemistry  (Mondays at 4.30pm)

Individually paced according to your school topics. 

Elementary Math 

  • Apply what you have learnt in Secondary 1 and 2 to higher order topics such as Functions and Graphs, and Quadratic Equations.

  • Learn new topics like Indices and Properties of circles.

Additional Math 

  • Welcome to another dimension of Mathematics whereby your working for one mathematical question will now be a page long and every step is a step of precision.

  • Get started with topics like Indices, Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Inequalities. 

  • You will find the start a little tedious but you might grow to like Additional Math more than Elementary Math in time to come! 

Pure/Combined Chemistry

  • Get off on the right foot with Chemistry! Learn how to balance equations, what chemical bonding is about and the different separation techniques. No matter which is your favourite science, Chemistry is a compulsory subject in upper secondary. 


Pure/Combined Physics 

  • Begin your Physics journey with SI units, conversion and measuring instruments like the vernier caliper. Then progress to familiar topics like Light and Electricity with deeper content. 

Pure/combined Biology 

  • Start with topics like Cells and the major components that make them up. 

  •  After which you will move on to learn about the different systems like the Transport and Reproduction Systems.