The Learning Modulus

The Learning Modulus is a place where the rigorous effort put in by the tutors gives us the assurance that we are in good hands. While preparing for our O Levels, we had intensive sessions that motivated me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I was inspired to put in hard work myself and to achieve my goals.

I was pleasantly surprised by the distinctions I achieved at O Levels!

Lim Bo Liang  ​

North Vista Secondary School

I joined tuition the year I took my N Levels and went on to take O Levels. Throughout my two years with TLM, I improved steadily for my A Math under the guidance of my tutor. Whenever I had doubts about A Math, she was able to explain to me the different concepts. I’m grateful for the help that The Learning Modulus has provided me and hope it would help others in similar situations. I achieved A2 for both my N Level A Math and O Level A Math.


Tan Jun Yu  ​

Compassvale Secondary School

I had never passed Biology and under the tutelage of Audrey, I improved from F9 to B4 in Prelims and scored A2 for Science at O Levels. Audrey has been a really patient and encouraging teacher. She explains the Biology concepts very thoroughly and her method of teaching is effective and efficient. I’m beyond grateful for the constant guidance and encouragement!

Melody Goh  ​

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

I joined The Learning Modulus with only 3 months left to O Levels and without a strong foundation in Chemistry. I am very thankful to have teacher Audrey coach me.

The methods of answering various challenging questions being taught by her were very effective. It certainly put me in good stead, as after a short period of time, I was able to answer questions with ease and score in the exams.

A caring and dedicated teacher, she endeavours to emphasise the importance of understanding key concepts rather than through mere memorisation. Overall I had a great learning experience!


St Gabriel's Secondary School

Prior to joining this tuition, I was struggling with Biology and had some misconceptions. This tuition has effectively helped me in mastering concepts well through comprehensive notes and useful resources. My tutor is very patient and dedicated to teaching. She was willing to clarify my doubts on WhatsApp and would always guide me through the appropriate way of phrasing my answers. I am thankful for her faith in me which ultimately led me to score a distinction in the subject I never thought possible. All in all, I would definitely recommend attending tuition here!

Tan Yuan Yu

​ Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

My tutor at TLM is a professional tutor with lots of experience. She has helped me in my studies and the effort she has put in are reflected in the good results of her students.

Chong Yin Tein 

Chung Cheng High

Under Audrey’s guidance in the past year, my Biology grade improved from F9 to B4 at prelims and finally I scored A1 for Science at O Levels. I am super thankful for the constant guidance and support Audrey has shown me in the past year. The practice and notes given are comprehensive and guided me through my learning. (P.S. her 其中一个 fave student)



From the start of secondary school, my Math was always a borderline pass or fail. When I reached secondary 3, I took up A Math and couldn’t cope with having two Math subjects. My brother then recommended me to The Learning Modulus. Ever since then, my Math has greatly improved and I managed to score distinctions for both Maths at O Levels.



My tutor at TLM motivated me to pursue better results and to challenge myself. Classes here are always fun-loving and inspirational. I improved from C6 to A1 for O Levels in both Additional Math and Science.



Before I joined TLM, my science grade was always F9. Joining TLM was the best investment I did for my upcoming O Levels exam. TLM was able to simplify the concepts of each topic which allowed me to easily understand and remember them. Thanks to that, I managed to jump from F9 to A1 for my O Levels Science within a short period of 6 months!



I have greatly benefitted from my enrolment at TLM. My tutor in TLM is a very dedicated teacher. She is always going the extra mile to help me achieve better grades, especially during exam periods where she will spend extra time to make sure that I am well prepared for my papers. I really enjoy attending her lessons and have improved tremendously in my understanding and results since I joined TLM.



TLM has helped me to better understand Math. I lived overseas for 10 years and was not taught in the Singapore system. I had zero understanding of Singapore Math and scored 20% in Sec1 MYE. However, after attending classes at TLM, I managed to go from an F9 in my mid years’ to an A1 in my end of years’ and have scored distinctions consistently.

Thank you TLM for helping me!


St Andrews' Secondary
  • 2/2


We customise our classes to each individual student and are sure you will learn and benefit from your trial class with us. Our teachers will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the subject matter through well-timed questions and observation during your trial class.