The Learning Modulus

I had always been struggling with my Science before joining TLM, scoring E8 at my exams.. However, with the help of the tutors in TLM, I had better understanding of all the topics I was unclear of. With that, I managed to achieve an A2 in my O Level.


Edgefield Secondary

When I first joined TLM, I was only expecting to get a B after scoring Cs all the while. However, through the tutors’ patience and teaching, not only did I manage to improve, I managed to obtain an A2 for my combined sciences at O Levels. Thank you TLM!

Chen Xi

Edgefield Secondary

I would like to thank my tutors Audrey, Andrew, Jason and John for putting in so much time and effort in helping us improve- from giving us extended periods of lesson time and getting us to go for lessons more often during exam periods. The lessons were indeed very helpful and practical. This tuition definitely helped me to gain a strong foundation over important concepts. Once again, thank you for all the hardwork!


Greendale Secondary

I was the first to go to TLM among my group of friends. It was good and learning was enjoyable. I then introduced other friends who all managed to get distinctions for their O Levels Science too. TLM allows us to understand Science concepts easily which helped me to achieve distinction for Science!

Jared Tan

Edgefield Secondary

TLM helped me to understand Math and Science questions and taught me how to answer them in a structured manner. My tutor at TLM has helped me to get better in my Math and Science over a course of half a year and my grades have improved a lot; scoring distinctions consistently. Thank you TLM for helping me improve!

Kodey Chin

North Vista Secondary School

Before I joined TLM, I was struggling with my studies as I had just joined secondary 1. It was a completely different environment and I had difficulties with my studies.

My tutor at TLM was extremely dedicated to helping me with my studies and made time to tutor me and my tuition mates before the examinations. This really helped me with my Math and Science and my grades shot up from C5s to A1s.

Leonard Teo

North Vista Secondary School

The Learning Modulus helped to pull my A Math from a single digit to B4 at O Levels. She taught me the necessary skills and methods to solve questions over a short period of time. She also made sure that we understood each topic well before moving on.


Compassvale Secondary School

The Learning Modulus helped a lot in my A Math. My tutor had put in  a lot of effort to teach me. Just before my Mid Years exam in Sec 5, I joined tuition with single digit results and zero knowledge on A Math. Even though my results were terrible, she did not give up on me and continued to do practices with me and helped me to understand concepts repeatedly.

Jordan Tan  ​

Compassvale Secondary School ​

The Learning Modulus has helped me a lot in terms of understanding and applying what was taught in school. Before joining tuition here, I felt really lost during Math and Science lessons. However, after joining TLM, I was able to solve challenging Math and Science questions and eventually scored an A1 for O level in both subjects.

Tan Kok Hwee 

Compassvale Secondary School

TLM has helped me to understand concepts in Chemistry and the importance of using keywords in my answers for O Levels. Ideas and key concepts were presented in interesting manners that I still remember today!

Alex Chua  ​

Compassvale Secondary School

I’m really very grateful for the guidance and patience extended to me at The Learning Modulus. I never really had confidence in my Science. However, this all changed after Audrey patiently guided and taught me the topics which I were weak in, helping me to achieve a Science grade I would never have expected! Im really very grateful to have a teacher like Audrey.


Hougang Secondary School

The Learning Modulus goes beyond your typical learning center. The coaches are professional and would go out of their way to aid students who may need additional help. Especially during exam periods when coaches would stay late to make sure we understood the topics. Carefully crafted notes based on commonly made mistakes are also given to aid students in tackling more challenging questions. At the end of my O Level journey, I attained distinctions for all my subjects.


Compassvale Secondary School
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We customise our classes to each individual student and are sure you will learn and benefit from your trial class with us. Our teachers will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the subject matter through well-timed questions and observation during your trial class.