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Elementary Mathematics  (Thursdays at 6.30pm)

Additional Mathematics  (Saturdays at 1pm)

Pure/Combined Biology  (Tuesdays at 4.30pm)

Pure/Combined Physics  (Saturdays at 12pm)

Pure/Combined Chemistry  (Sundays at 5pm)

Individually paced according to your school topics 

The Final year. 

Most of the syllabus will be completed by term 3 in school. At TLM, important key areas of focus will be covered repeatedly over the year so that they become ingrained. Lessons will be intense and 

most practices will be school Prelim standards. Once Prelims is completed, we will go full gear on TYS practice. 

The final year is always the most intense but also the most exciting. Rest assured you are in good hands. Enjoy! 

Secondary 4/5: Event
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