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Lower secondary English syllabus : 

  • Editing 

  • Formal/Informal Writing 

  • Essay Writing 

  • Visual Text 

  • Comprehension

  • Oral 

  • Listening Comprehension

The English language is a multifaceted subject. Students need to have a good foundation in Grammar from Primary school, an extensive vocabulary and good writing skills to be fully confident in this subject. Unfortunately, not many students have a strong foundation in English due to the lack of good reading habits and guidance in writing skills.  


Here at TLM, you can: 

  • Build up on your Grammar and Vocabulary through simulating sessions that are interactive and engaging.

  • Practise on your Oral skills and discuss common topics  

  • Be clear on the structure of formal and informal writing

  • Learn how to write narrative, argumentative and descriptive essays 

  • Learn Summary writing skills 

  • Develop a keen interest in the Language! 


How are lessons conducted? 

  • 2 hour sessions 

  • Lessons will rotate among Grammar and Vocabulary Building, Oral Practices, Comprehension and Editing practices, and Essay Writing 

  • Practices are allocated according to individual standards 

  • Students will be tasked with presentations to gain confidence in presenting ideas, voicing opinions and putting their thoughts in words

  • Recommended reading list for students 

Secondary 2: Event
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