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How we helped scores of students over 20 years make marked improvements in their results, attitudes and interests. Proven steps to make a difference in your understanding, knowledge and grasp of each topic. We aim to help you love the subject, be confident in school and excel in exams!

Math Class

STEP 1: Basic Theory

Progressive Basic Theory Worksheets for mastery of foundational concepts.

Recording Science Class

STEP 2: Application

Students hone their skills with application and exam type practice questions to ensure they grasp all important concepts in the topic. 

Researching and Writing

STEP 3: Revision 

Topical revision before weighted assessments in school for refreshment and to be test ready!

The Learning Modulus

At The learning Modulus, we believe that every child/teenager is a unique learner. Thus we keep our group sizes small and personalised. This allows us to customise according to each individual and yet create a powerful group dynamic of co-learning. 

Why Choose Us

Small class size

Systematic Approach

Exclusive in-house materials

Regular Quizzing

Effective concept-based learning

Nurturing Environment

The Learning Modulus 

In every class, our tutors emphasise on the strategies and processes involved in understanding, solving and presenting answers to theoretical and real life application questions. 


Lower Secondary




Upper Secondary


A / E Math

Chemistry / Physics / Biology

Junior Collage

H1 / H2 Math

H1 / H2 Chemistry / Physics

The Learning Modulus 

We believe that education is a form of discipline and hard work is an absolute principal of investment for success. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, we strive to pass on the spirit of excellence. 

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The Learning Modulus 

Study while others are sleeping ; Work while others are loafing ; Prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing. 


2 hours/session


$50/ trial class


Clear Doubts


See if we are the right fit

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